Proof Razor - Aluminium

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Unlike multi-blade razors, the single-edge design ensures a smooth glide across your skin, minimizing irritation and delivering a closer, more comfortable shave significantly reducing your chance of ingrown hairs. Try it out and experience the difference!

All purchases will include one aluminum razor, one aluminum stand and 5 double edge blades (10 single blades). 

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-What's new and different?-

Magnetic Mastery: Upgraded with even stronger magnets for a secure blade fit every time.

Extended Grip: A longer handle designed for that perfect balance and ease of use.

Hefty & Solid: Experience the premium, weighted feel with our solid handle.

Flow-through Design: Bigger slots at the back, ensuring hairs glide right through without clogging.

Smooth Operator: A new ridged cap design to minimize friction and give you a smoother shave.

One razor, any blade.

No subscription

There is no proprietary blade needed for the Proof Razor. Sure, we provide both made in USA blades and pre-snapped blades but if you would rather use a Feather, Astra, Dorco or any other blade, go for it. 
aluminum construction

Water-Proof Precision

Leave your razor in the shower, in the bathroom, in your travel bag... whatever you want. The precision-machined aluminum construction will never rust. It's designed to withstand the moisture of the shower and the wear and tear of travel, ensuring it's always ready for use whenever you need it.

Precision in Motion

Effortless Shave

Our razor's pivoting head accommodates various blade angles with ease. Allowing it to effortlessly glide over every contour, ensuring a smooth and close shave without any nicks or irritation. The flexible head adapts to the angles of your skin, providing a customized shaving experience tailored to your needs.