The High Proof Founders

The High Proof Razor Copmany was started by David Ellig and Andy Auble. Both founders live in Montana and run their own busisnesses outside of the High Proof Razor Company.

Check out Hondo Garage and GlueTread to see what they do when they aren't working on Razors.

Why High Proof Razors?

David designed this razor in 2020 and has been perfecting it ever since. David was tired of low quality razors that were made overseas and left him with ingrown hairs and skin irritation so he decided to make his own. In early 2022, David and Andy decided to work together to bring this product to market and now this American made razor is available to you!

High Proof Razor Made in the US

The Concept

The High Proof Razor was born from frustration.

We wanted something that could shave quickly, had a minimal learning curve, did not require proprietary blades, was made in the US, and would last a life time.

High Proof Razor Company Pivoting Head Razor

How does it work?

High Proof Razors require one half of a double edge safety razor blade. (less than $0.15 per shave).

The head of our razor pivots to fit the contours of your face, simpler than a standard safety razor. This pivot is made possible by opposing magnets so there is no spring to wear out.

High Proof Razor Company Razor Stand

The Razor Stand

Every High Proof Razor comes with a razor stand. This razor stand has a reusable mini-suction fabric on the back that allows you to stick the stand to any smooth, dry surface such as a mirror or shower wall. Additionally, the razor stand is equipt with a magnet that hold the razor firmly in place.

Looking for reviews?

We sent razors to influencers in the wet shaving space to get there thoughts. Check those reviews out below!

Reviews from the Pros

Subie Shaves review of High Proof Razor Company

Josh Perkins (Subie Shaves)

"We've had FANTASTIC service from High Proof and their razor is a incredible Modern adaptation for the Safety Razor! I was one of the early testers and found the shave to be both intuitive and easy."

Kensurfs review of the High Proof Razor

Ken Kirkup (Kensurfs)

"It's a very forgiving razor, it contours to my face, just what I like. I had a few days of growth that it knocked down, no problem."

Sinatra Lennon review of the high proof razor

Brian (Sinatra Lennon)

"It's all made in the USA. For Americans, that's important, to support local businesses. After the initial investment in the razor, it saves you a lot of money!"