American Made Razor: High Proof Razor

American Made Razor: High Proof Razor

If you’ve ever been frustrated with low quality products that are made overseas, you’ll understand the reason for the all American made, High Proof Razor.

When David, co-founder of High Proof Razor, couldn’t find a razor that was made in the US and built to last, he decided to make one of his own. 

Before too long, David and another Montana local and now co-owner, Andy, produced a razor from David's machine shop in Belgrade, Montana that was a serious upgrade from imported plastic razors: 

  • The razor uses one half of a double edge safety blade making each shave about 5 cents, compared to the costly cartridge razors. 
  • The head of the razor pivots to fit the contours of your face, simpler than a standard safety razor. This pivot is made possible by opposing magnets so there is no spring mechanism that could wear out over time.
  • The razor is made from CNC machined aluminum, so it never rusts. 
  • The razor provides a mild shave that eliminates skin irritation and ingrown hairs. 

Why Andy and David Made an American Made Razor

"We make all of the razors in Belgrade, Montana," says David, "It helps us keep a close eye on the quality of the razors and make sure that only good product is going out the doors." 

"It also means we've been able to tweak the design over time. This is a CNC machined aluminum product, so we've been able to pivot or change the design of the razor until it was really what we wanted." 

Andy agrees, "As far as I am concerned, I think there are two sides to domestic manufacturing. First, I love the idea of making everything we can here in the US to provide good jobs to people that live locally. Second, producing product locally allows us to have better quality control, move quickly to create what customers want."

Not to mention," Andy continues, "From a business standpoint it just makes sense... cutting down on the cost of shipping, being able to move quickly and being able to make small adjustments allows us to be a dynamic business." 


Why Buy an American Made Razor? 

It’s simple. This American made Razor is built to last. Every single product is inspected before it’s shipped out the door. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your razor, let us know and we’ll give you a refund. Not to mention, all of the High Proof customer support is done in house, so you’ll always be able to talk to a real human. 

Of course all of the other benefits of buying American made products apply too: supporting domestic job growth, ensuring product safety, reducing environmental impact, etc. 

So, are you ready to say goodbye to low quality razors? Join us. 


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